Mary Ann Grainger

Artist's Statement

Mary Ann Grainger primarily works today in sculpture and mixed media.  In 2009 she became a full time artist and in 2010 joined the Al Green Sculpture Studio where she took her fear in hand and began to experiment.  This site features examples of the many directions this experimentation has resulted in… so far.

 “My art explores how I feel about life and the world in which I live.  It hopefully challenges the viewer to participate in the art, ultimately causing the viewer to ponder how they feel about their life and the world we all share.  Then again, sometimes a piece has no greater intention than to share a simple, pure emotion.”

Group Shows

May, 2018 - "Modus Operandi" - Canadian Sculpture Centre

June, 2017 - The 2017 Baycrest Brain Project (July-August in the Bay Adelaide Centre Lobby then September-December at Yorkdale Mall)

May, 2017 - "Bricolage" - Canadian Sculpture Centre

February, 2017 - "Black & White Ball" - Propeller Gallery (Juried group show)

May, 2016 - "Tribute" - Canadian Sculpture Centre

November, 2015 - "Sculpt 2015" - Al Green Gallery

May, 2015 - "Renascence" - Canadian Sculpture Centre

May, 2014 - "Pluperfect" - Canadian Sculpture Centre

May, 2013 - "Creative Consciousness" - Canadian Sculpture Centre

November, 2012 - "Informs" - All Green Gallery

May, 2012 - “Journey” - Al Green Gallery (sculpture + photography)

May, 2012 - “Off the Wall” - Canadian Sculpture Centre

December, 2011 - “Green Spaces” - Al Green Gallery

May, 2011 - “Allegro” - Canadian Sculpture Centre