Mary Ann Grainger


*Tasteless. Rude. Obscene. Primitive. Human. Yob.

species Homo Sapiens sub-species - Donald Trump Jr.


Some human beings believe themselves superior to other animals with whom we share the planet. In fact, some even hunt them for sport. Imagine if the tables were turned …

This life-sized trophy was modelled in clay, cast in silicone, pigmented with silicone, human hairs individually punched into the silicone, with painted wooden eyes and gold spray painted plastic deer horns. Oh yea, and a flannel shirt as an homage to the one he so famously wore while sitting contemplating on a tree stump.

Special thanks to @morganroybeauty for the final cut and beard trim - to @hairpunchgirl for the lessons on hair punching - to @stanwinstonschool for the amazing lessons pigmenting silicone.