Mary Ann Grainger

3-D print your own Malala Sculpture - Download file for FREE

After manufacturing 20 casts by hand it was time to get creative with new work.  But I didn't want the project to end.

I turned to the amazing people at Think2Thing in Toronto (Lisa Cancellato, David Dider and Edward Burtinsky and their amazing staff, especially Wilfrid Ngo) who scanned the original Artist's Proof and helped me release it into the public domain.  

Anyone, anywhere, anytime can go to Sketchfab (or use the embed below) and download the file FOR FREE then print their own Malala sculpture, royalty free, in any size or medium that works for their printer.  

Anyone with a 3-D printer is encouraged to print as many copies as they can and donate them to school libraries or give them to kids anywhere!  Someone suggested a small size would work well as a student award for whatever wonderful thing they've done! 

This project has always had no expectations and no limitations.  This scan truly gives this project no limitations now and far into the future!