Mary Ann Grainger

Turtle Island - An Urban Sanctuary

Museum quality cold-cast bronze replica of a 100 year old Royal Ontario Museum snapping turtle carapace.

12” x 10” x 3”’  Encausted Patinated Cold Cast Bronze Maquette  Open edition (without holes).  $150


“Turtle Island” was created for a group show of outdoor sculpture entitled “Green Spaces”. 

Rather than build a sculpture to place in a green space, I created a sculpture which would create green space where none exists.  

Created to be surrounded by skyscrapers, “Turtle Island - An Urban Sanctuary” uses native creation mythology, lighting, sound and architecture to transport the public back in time to when the very place in which they are standing was once forest and water.

Click below to listen to a 1 1/2 minute presentation that explains everything ...

The complete presentation is below.  If this could only get made ...

presentation page 1.jpg
presentation page 2.jpg